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Financial Literacy Counseling


A&J Default Management will provide your students with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions regarding the repayment of their student loans.  Our staff is well versed on the repayment options available to students with Federal Financial Aid.  We also provide resources to assist in budgeting for life’s expenses outside of student loans.  Students will be contacted during their grace period to ensure that they are prepared and aware of up-coming payments. A&J can assist in development of proven exit interview strategies to increase repayment success rates.


Comprehensive Default Management

Creation of Access Data Base


A&J Default Management Group will create a customized Access database for your school for the purpose of tracking students, maintaining the most up-to-date demographic student data, contact documentation and for generating delinquency reports.

Each individual student’s relevant cohort year and servicer will be verified.

Student Loan Tracking (Stafford –FFELP or Direct Loans) Grace Period
(6 months)


A & J Default Management Group will serve as your schools Student Loan Repayment Advisors. We will provide assistance to your current students as well as to your former students. For many students, this is the first major financial obligation of their lives. During your former students “tracking period” we will remind students of their obligation to repay their Federal Loans. If they are unable to make payments, our advisors will provide them with the appropriate forms such as deferments and forbearance to help them postpone their payments. Very often students are unaware of these types of payment relief and just need someone to help them through the process. Our friendly and courteous professionals will provide your students with all the tools to get their delinquent accounts resolved.

A&J Default Management will mail each student grace-period reminders of upcoming loan payment at approximately 3 months and 1 month prior to going into repayment.

A&J Default Management Group will track delinquent borrowers in an effort to resolve them using various means of communication. These efforts include, but are not limited to: letters and phone calls to student, letters and phone calls to listed references, skip tracing activities, phone calls to employers, web-based search tools, etc.

Monthly Reports and On-Going Default Rate Status


A&J Default Management Group will provide client with a monthly report detailing status of default rate throughout each active cohort year. This report will include current number of students in repayment for the current active cohorts, as well as the number of defaulted students as of the end of each month.

Verification of Gainful Employment Compliance


A&J can track and monitor student loan amounts to verify repayment rates in compliance with Gainful Employment rules, providing month-to-month status reports, as needed.

Employment Placement Verification


Our employment verification service includes contacting student employers to verify placement, documentation of contact person and provides a monthly report including verified and unverified placements to our clients.

New Cohort Default Rate (CDR) Calculation


Beginning with Fiscal Year 2009, the new CDR formula will include students who default by the end of the second fiscal year after beginning repayment. The current CDR looks at up to two fiscal years – the one in which the borrower began repayment and the following one. The new formula looks at up to three fiscal years – the one in which the borrower began repayment and the following two. Borrowers who enter repayment between October 1, 2008, and September 30, 2009, and default on or before September 30, 2011 (rather than 2010), will be used when determining an institution’s cohort default rate.



The biggest benefit of outsourcing these important functions is piece of mind. Knowing that qualified, experienced professionals are handling your financial literacy and default management duties will result in less worry for you. A & J Default Management Group has been in business since 1999. Our average default rate over that time has been under 10%. Many savvy parents and investors are also now looking at default rates and a solid financial literacy plan as a means by which to measure an institution’s ability to generate marketable graduates.

-We want you to know that we will guard your students’ information as carefully as you do. All sensitive information will be guarded using strict confidentiality standards. All of our PCs are equipped with the latest business-quality virus protection, as well as firewall protection on each PC and on our servers.

-Lastly, there is the issue of cost. We feel confident that after you factor in what you realistically could spend on default management staff salaries, benefits, office space, postage, telephone calls, office supplies, etc., you will no doubt agree that our fees amount to just a fraction of these costs.

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